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(14 January 2012)

Bambino Programming by David Buckley

Now you have built Bambino you can either just use it with the preloaded program or you can learn about robots and programming by following the programs I wrote while creating the original Bambino.

You will need the PicAxe Programming Editor
available from
then copy from the listings below and paste each program into the editor, or right-click and 'save link as'.

The first Bambinos used a PicAxe20m2 which with Bambino-48 was full.
Bambino can be upgraded by replacing the 20m2 with a 20x2 which has twice as much program space and twice as many variables. See below for 20x2 programs.

PicAxe20m2 programs

PicAxe20x2 programs
Some code changes are required because -
- some Symbol names don't work - the X2 needs port.pin names for those pins.
- there are not enough pwm pins to dim the eyes so they are blinked instead when waiting for a command.
When upgrading it is only necessary to run Bambino-8+x2.bas to set the servo values in the new chip then load Bambino-38x2.bas or later.

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2022-03-03 added 20x2 programs