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In April 2024 I overheard a woman talking about an Art group she attended so I asked her about it. Rochdale Artists meet on Tuesday and Wednesdaty in Castleton and I started going to the Tuesday group on 30th April.

28 May 2024 - Dancer - water colour
theme for the evening - a dancer

21 May 2024 - Temeraire - water colour - theme - "The Fighting Temeraire" as by van Gogh (from memory)
theme for the evening - a famous painting in the style of another artist
realisation inspiration

14 May 2024 - Sunflower - water colour - first painting for over 50 years, 1950s Reeves Water Colours
realisation inspiration

7 May 2024 - Dachshund - pencil - my first sketch since 1971
theme for the evening - an animal

1971 - Beach Belle - pencil enhanced

1971 - Beach Belle - pencil - my first sketch since junior school
I was revising some mathematics and had a page full of equations when I moved my wrist and accidentally drew a curved line.
I thought, that looks like a thigh I wonder where the rest is, then started to extend the line rubbing out equations as I went.
It turned out to be the beach belle. I copied the original onto a clean sheet of paper to avoid the half rubbed out equations.

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