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Grey Walter's Festival of Britain Tortoise Replicas
  • Amy in 2008
  • Amy and Ninja in 2009
  • Millennium 'look-alike' Tortoise in 2009

  • Amy in 2008

    Amy and Ninja in 2009

    Millennium in 2009
    For the 1995 replicas some of the components such as the valves date back to the original FoB Tortoises but mostly the parts have been re-created, the Shells however are original 1951 shells and when the replicas were constructed Amy's shell was rescued from a garden where it was being used as a cloche and has had ventilation holes drilled in the top. The original FROG motors were very troublesome and had to be extensively modified for the 1951 Tortoises hence it was decided to use modern motors for the replicas - Como motors (RE 457-RE360).
    The Millennium version is only a look alike with a new Shell, belt drives and modern electronics hidden inside.

    The replicas were created by Ian Horsfield with the help of W.J. 'Bunny' Warren who had worked with Grey Walter at the Burden Neurological Institute and was responsible for making the original six Festival of Britain Tortoises. He still had a drawer full of original parts including the valves and was using one of the Shells (Amy's) as a cloche in his garden.

    The newly created replicas Ninja and Amy
    with Dr Chris Melhuish, senior technician Ian Horsfield and Professor Alan Winfield.

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