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GE Walking Truck 1968

The Walking Truck was developed by Ralph S_ Mosher for General Electric under a commission in 1966 from the US Army.
The operator's hands controlled the two front legs while his feet operated the two rear legs. Although it was said to be easy to control, operators were fatigued after something like 15 minutes due to the stress of coordinating the positions of the four legs using only manual control of the hydraulic servos, no computers were used.

The truck can now be seen in the US Army Transport Museum at Fort Eustis.

The truck under test
In all the indoor tests the truck appears to have been prevented from falling by an overhead crane although the photographs are taken in such a way as to hide it.

The truck now
Photo courtesy of David Pride http://www.davidpride.com/Army/us_ft_eustis_23.htm

The Army museum has a page on the truck
- http://www.transchool.eustis.army.mil/Museum/Cybernetic.htm [Mar09]
- http://www.transchool.eustis.army.mil/museum/transportation%20museum/cybernetic.htm [Jan10]
- http://www.transportation.army.mil/museum/transportation%20museum/cybernetic.htm [Jan12]
- For when they break the link yet again, archived here
For more photos see http://www.flickr.com/photos/planephotoman/sets/72157604631953862/ [Mar09]

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