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Hebot II

Turtle consruction article - Hobby Elelctronics November 1982
Powertran Cybernetics

Hebot-II was a look-alike for the MIT-turtle and the shell stops half way down the body.
Although the turtle control worked very well the shell was almost useless for detecting obstacles.

Page numbers refer to magazine pages.

Page 9 - photo
Page 10 Introduction
Son of Hebot
How it works
Block diagram of total control system
Page 11 Table 1, Hebot II data input bus
Programming in the Real World
Table 2, Hebot II data output bus
Page 12
Figure 1, Circuits of the Hebot II Control Board
Hebot - The Circuit
Page 13
The Interface circuit
Figure 2, circuit of ZX81 interface board
Figure 3, component overlay for Hebot control board
Page 14
Figure 5, Hebot mechanical assembly diagram
Page 15
Figure 6, mechanical detail of the Solenoid
Figure 4, Collision Detector mechanism
Figure 7, component layout of the Interface Board
The Interface
Page 16
Table 4, Record Moves
Table 3, Hebot's Move
Two Programs
Figure 3 - component overlay for Hebot control board
Figure 7 - component layout of the interface board