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19Jan24 added 1952-07_IF_p76-Droids.pdf with the first use of 'Droids'
12Dec21 added dates of Sinclair ZX80 and Spectrum, Acorn System-1, Commodore-64
04Nov21 embeded MP3 of Edison Doll
04Nov21 added WiLF thumbnails, WiLF page and link to my WiLF, added TimbugII page
18Apr21 changed Fred with jpg of plan, PDF added, link to my Fred page
10Jan18 noted on DB/HistoryMakers.htm that Reuben died
22Mar15 added GW/T6 history page, added pictures of Philidog to HM +cyberneticzoo link
20Mar15 added GW Tortoise 'Parts'
20Mar15 added Reubens photos to AmyNinja2009, added to Amy2008 comment re thickness of 9v batteries
18Mar15 added to "Because We Can" 2010 photo of George and link to cyberneticzoo
18Mar15 added Transistorized Circuit for GW Tortoise 'circuits'. and Reuben's #6 photos
18Mar15 added Amy and Ninja 2009 page, Amy 2008 page and GW replica Tortoises page, amended "Grey Walter's Tortoises"
15Mar15 added page "How Tortoise Works" and MS-notes-on-operation.pdf, amended "Grey Walter's Tortoises"
13Mar15 added pages "Grey Walter's Tortoises", "Circuits" and "How the Circuit Works"
11Mar15 added a note re George R Moore and cyberneticzoo link to 1893 Prof. George Moore's Steam Man
11Mar15 added 1962 Emily line follower, edited 1975 WiLF and 1972 Huber
10Mar15 added Amy Gallery photos for 1995 replica of Grey Walters FoB Tortoises
10Mar15 added #6 Gallery photos for 1951 Grey Walters FoB Tortoise
06Mar15 http://www.hero-1.com/[gone March 2015]
18Jan15 added 1972 - 'Free Roving Machine' by MF Huber
19Oct14 added 1791 - Luigi Galvani
16Dec13 added to Shadow Biped entry Science Museum Collection note
26Aug13 added Links section to 'Because We Can' page
14Mar13 Alpha changed html, added border=1 to link pictures
25Feb13 added 1920 film 'Der Golem', 1931 film 'Frankenstein'
31Jan13 added 1986-Kazuo Yamafuji two-wheel BalanceBot
05Jan13 amended Pseudo+'Art'robots.htm Chrome needs <br clear=all> TWICE in one place - why?
30Dec12 1968 GE truck - renewed Fort Eustis link yet again and added an archive copy
30May11 added Hebot 1979
10Mar11 added HistoryMakers Mr Robotham Pathe URL to Mr Robotham and Pathe URL to BecauseWeCan Mr Robotham R/C
29Nov10 added to Ladybird page a link to the 2010 film
23Nov10 added link from main page to my Icarus page
15May10 Teal, ~1955 corrected to 1955
31Mar10 added cyberneticzoo links to ASV,Odex, Sutherland hexapod
30Mar10 added June to Teal date
10Mar10 added note to prototype Zeaker regarding Hebot-II
10Mar10 added note re shell to HistoryMakers HebotII
27Feb10 added ASV, Odex text, Sutherland photos
24Feb10 added Hilare, and images of Herbert
20Feb10 added Kunibert to 'Because We Can'
18Feb10 added Hexy page
01Feb10 added note re 'Prince Louis de Broglie' to HelpWanted
01Feb10 updated GEtruck Fort Eustace Link
19Jan10 added reciprocal links between Mr Robotham entries
23Dec09 added 1960 Stanford Cart
23Sep09 added link to cyberneticzoo.com
16Sep09 added Alex Andrew as constructor of Uttley trolley
19Mar09 added 1932 - Mechanical Radio Man, to Because We Can
18Mar09 added Wendling's Televox to Pseudo, Art, Entertainment and Fictional robots
18Mar09 added Anatole in 1976 to Pseudo, Art, Entertainment and Fictional robots
18Mar09 added this page

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