From 18th March 2009, for updates to History Making Robots see Updates
23Feb24 added ZeakerColneHistory.htm to Zeaker pages
15Dec23 added base US array to Libby Log
19Sep23 added page 'Making the Muscle Ends' to 'Shadow Leg v2'
14Sep23 updated Hextor Manual for Sonar array, added Hextor sonar array page
12Sep23 added Melissa Hands page
04Sep23 added an IR sensor for Sony codes to the Prowler Arduino interface and updated the Arduino code.
29Aug23 added FiveFingerHand+Arduino Nano
23Aug23 added Arduino Upgrade to DoubleVision
10Aug23 added Duplhex
24Jul23 added Arduino Upgrade to Prowler
20Jul23 added Arduino Upgrade to Zeaker
12Jul23 added Ultrasonic Array to Hextor Upgrades
08Jul23 added Libby Galleries - base refurb, Base Ultrasonic Array Housing, Body Reffiting.
15Jun23 added Bamduino BA54_Wiskers and Jet JA54_Whiskers
01May23 corrected Aesir page - missing Commands heading
29Apr23 added Bamduino schematics for PM and M2
29Apr23 added Bamduino Galleries Prototype PM & M2
29Apr23 added Bambino Galleries Prototype & #4
23Apr23 added Libby
18Mar23 added chip data files, and 5-pin connector data file to Z2-Circuit.htm correcte duplicate #expansion tag in Z2 Manual
12Mar23 added introduction to Robot Outings 2008 17-21 February, Walking with Robots - Robotics Outreach Workshop
05Mar23 added Aesir thumb to index
28Feb23 Zeaker2 - spelling wated -> wanted, addresses 4 - 8 are for expansion -> 4 - 7
04Jan23 added Carving-Vice and Blacksmiths-Vice to Workshop page
26Dec22 Zeaker - Manual images now available from thumbs on main page
17Dec22 BBC-Buggy - spelling
14Dec22 added Ajax pages
26Nov22 added connector pinouts to Bamduino page
27Oct22 updated Ambler page for links to Mom,Pop,Joe,Kas. Loki now links to Joe
18Oct22 added pages for Pop,Mom,Joe
18Oct22 update to JetLaser.htm (1.5mm coax socket) and `JetLaser_Manual53.txt
23Sep22 added ZX81 program to MM3
12Sep22 corrected Simplex links in Software
03Sep22 added to Shadow Biped page, photo from Guardian Weekend Technofear article Aug 7th 1993.
22Jul22 added Nano board circuit diagram to TecArm6v2 page
22Jul22 added circuit diagram to TecArm5 page
22Jul22 updated TecArm Commands.h, added 'waist shoulder elbow pitch roll grip' to explain [wseprg]
17Apr22 updated Zeaker2 and Zeaker2.ino
17Apr22 updated Zero2 software
13Mar22 added Imp Plan and Circuit
07Mar22 added Jet Laser JA53_turnUS Arduino software
06Mar22 added Bambino PicAxeX2 program #49 to turn to object or turn to open space
03Mar22 BA53_turnUS - Bamduino can now turn to an object and turn to an open space
26Feb22 added Bambino Plan and Circuit
25Feb22 added clearer plan and circuits to Tom
25Feb22 added plan and circuits to Kasper
21Feb22 Baldur, Freya, Thor, Ullr - corrected link to Loki (was to old Loki)
18Feb22 BA52_IRout - Bamduino can now transmit IR-commands to other Bambduinos, Bambinos, or even to Aesir
14Feb22 updated BBC-Buggy software
28Jan22 added video of Sam drawing at Knutsford to Ambler video page.
05Jan22 updated Zero2 page
25Dec21 added the story to video of Loki meets Thor scenario
22Dec21 added video of Loki meets Thor scenario
29Nov21 revised Loki page with link to Circuit Board in LokiLog
28Nov21 added a link from Bamduino-A to Arduino IR routine
23Nov21 updated Victoria & Elizabeth to Imperial Ladies with Galleries
23Nov21 added CarvingClamp, 6" WoodWorking Vice, Bandsaw to Workshop
14Nov21 added a page for Models
13Nov21 added a page for my wood carvings
12Nov21 remade TimbugII page wirh Elector pages, circuit and photos, moved it to Timbug/
04Nov21 added WiLF page, added circuits to Icarus and Fred
22Oct21 updated software page and Robot List
18Oct21 added documentation page to Shadow Biped
18Oct21 added Cycler Launch to Robot Outings
15Oct21 added Black Zeaker photos to Zeaker Gallery
15Oct21 updated Thor log
15Oct21 added Baldur Log with circuit and design sheets
15Oct21 added Ullr Log with circuit and design sheets
11Oct21 corrected Beeber-UpgradeLog.htm - 2020-07-13 Imp -> Imperial drone
08Oct21 added CoT to TecFoot, Ambler and Loki spec tables in A_Minimalist_Approach_to_Biped_Walking
23Sep21 added Whisker/Feeler fitting to LokiLog
20Sep21 updated Loki with new software
17Sep21 brought all Aesir software into line, added XX-overview.bas for each Aesir
04Aug21 added Modular-1 page
11Jul21 added ..IRcommands.bas to Baldur,Freya,Thor,Ullr
20Jun21 updated Bamduino BA50
17Jun21 added Sam video to Videos
16Jun21 added Efi video to Videos
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06Jun21 added Alex prototype page
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06Jun21 added Bambino-A page
06Jun21 added Bamduino page
03Jun21 added Arduino code fragment page - IRin, serout96, serin96
01Jun21 added a separate Jet-Laser page
30May21 Loki added Galleries - 360,Poses,Close Up, updated PicAxe28x2...bas, + Loki20...bpe
29May21 moved Shadow Biped pages to a folder and restructured Shadow Biped Photos page
27May21 added BigFoot Galleries
26May21 added TecArm6 pages
25May21 added TecArm5 page
24May21 added Freya pages
22May21 updated Thor pages, added whisker photos, added a proper Thor page updated Log and .bas
19May21 added Baldur pages
19May21 added MM3's Bronze Medal to MM3 Gallery2021
19May21 added Ullr pages
18May21 added Imp pages
17May21 added Hugo page
17May21 added MM3 Gallery 2021, and Log to MM3 page
16May21 added MM3 Gallery 1982
16May21 moved MM3 files to MM3 folder
16May21 upgraded HextorBOS to v53 - fixed lazy legs
15May21 added Prowler Gallery and Notes on Prowler page
14May21 added MM1 page
11May21 updated inspire - Some similar designs from Japan - links gone
11May21 updated DoubleVision - p54 heading error, Robot List - Hexy page.
01May21 updated Simplex's program
29Apr21 added TecBug-circuit and Daughter-board drawings
21Apr21 renamed YouTubeVideos/ to Videos/, added YouTubeVideos/ with redirect
18Apr21 added a page for Hexy
18Apr21 added a page for Fred
15Apr21 added Kasper Gallery
15Apr21 added Tom Ear memory dump, and Tom Ear commands
15Apr21 added Kasper Ear memory dump, and Kasper Ear commands
15Apr21 added Jet CAD build, Jet videos
14Apr21 added walking speed note to Simplhex
14Apr21 added academix videos YouTube links to Jet
13Apr21 added speed control to Simplhex
12Apr21 added IRcontrol to Simplhex
11Apr21 added Kasper page and to Ambler
11Apr21 RobotOutings added four photos to 2012 FabLab birthday
10Apr21 Tom page - added plans + formatting
05Apr21 updated Tom page photos Head boards, TwinkleToes, IRear; +software, added Ullr Thumb to indexes and photo to images
05Apr21 added Jet page, moved Jet/ files from Ambler/ to Jet/, added JetAmbler and JetLaser thumbs to main and DB index
09Nov20 updated Hextor ToDo
13Oct20 ammended BBC-Buggy Gallery html nobr
19Sep20 updated BBC-Buggy main page and Log
07Sep20 added BBC-Buggy pages
01Sep20 added photos of Arduino Interface to Zeaker2Log
16Jul20 added Beeber Upgrade Log page, plus Beeber Basic-Stamp-2 program
01Jul20 added Beeber.
01Jul20 Zeaker2, Zero2 - updated Zeaker2+Zero2_ArduinoCommands.txt
25Jun20 Zeaker2 removed link to non-existent zip file of Arduino code.
24Jun20 Zeaker2-UpgradeLog - corrected note at 2017-04-17, LEDs were wrong way round
31May20 Robonova, removed circuit error note - wasn't an error, added I used Juergens method for Win10
07Feb20 Teal - added gallery, MM article and plan
02Feb20 added - Saddle-clamp, new Cross-slide handle, Pitkin Donut to Workshop
17Dec19 Shadow Biped page - added link to the Science Museum's Shadow Biped page
14Dec19 'RoboNova - Windows-10 problems' added Juergen Werner's fix for RoboBasic under Win10
08Dec19 corrected thumbnails on index page - Strider and Bambino appeared twice
08Dec19 added pictures of Shadow Biped in Science Museum's exhibition to Biped photos
08Dec19 updated Shadow Biped page with Science Museum's exhibition
23Jun19 updated Frea with correct prog link from 7.0 to 8.0 and behaviour from 8.0
08Jan19 added copy act to Zeaker2 and Zero2 Arduino instructions
19Jan18 added a note 'I wasn't the only one....' to 2016-10-27 BL-020 lathe back-gear bearing problems in Workshop/Workshop.htm
19Jan18 corrected spelling Phoshor -> Phosphor in Workshop/Workshop.htm
05Jan18 corrected spelling in A_Minimalist_Approach_to_Biped_Walking.htm
15Nov17 added photo of Baldur
07Sep17 added software to Tom, added Software overview and Ambler commands to Ambler
12Apr17 updated Thor Log and replaced old Thor software with Thor1_6-0.bas etc for PicAxe 40x2
16Mar17 Shadow Biped added "The first human sized biped robot... "
16Mar17 updated Workshop Log - lathe, table, bandsaw, drill, Jobber, lathe, coupling
26Nov16 Hextor Manual Upgrades updated - see Hextor Manual Revisions
26Nov16 TecFootManual\CondorIR-Compass-18m2.bas - corrected IRdecoding
17Oct16 BigFoot.htm - spelling
15Oct16 corrected TecFootLog/index.htm bad photo links at 11 April 2012 Condor
12Apr16 added Lab Log page
06Mar16 corrected Prowler Circuit
15Dec15 corrected 74LS85 pin-labels and added 'Address 1' on Prowler Circuit
28Oct15 added Prowler Circuit
23Oct15 moved Prowler to Prowler\ and added Sinclair Projects articles
20Oct15 CondorLog, added voltmeter to 9v line
13Oct15 added brief history of IGR to Everything Else about Zero2 - Zero2\Zero2.htm
03Sep15 updated Tom.htm with boost regulator.
13Jun15 updated Inspire, Inspired/Others
11Jun15 Thor Log - updated Thor programs to Thor1 programs
11Jun15 Thor Log - corrected Gallery1/GalleryRaw1.htm to GalleryRaw1/index.htm
11Jun15 Thor Log - corrected Gallery1/Gallery1.htm to Gallery1/index.htm
11Jun15 Thor Log - corrected 2 July Thor-3 to Thor-2, amended html
05Jun15 added Toddler Clone to Inspirations and Others
31May15 ThorLog.htm corrected Corona CS-5388P to CS-538BP
09May15 updated CV
30Apr15 added Jet construction page to Amblers
29Mar15 added Leipzig to Jim's shows on 'about me'
16Feb15 ShadBiped spelling ws->was
15Feb15 added compass to TecFootLog
15Feb15 Simplhex text change, It was beaten -> Simplhex was beaten
13Feb15 revised TecFootLog, TecFoot, TecFootManual, added TecFoot Operations.txt
05Feb15 revised RoboBasic-v2.10.htm, RoboNova.htm, created RoboNovaLog.htm from MiscellaneousNotes.htm
24Dec14 revised YouTube videos page, now from YouTube videos folder
24Dec14 added Condor,Bambino,Strider videos pages
29Nov14 added Bambino Arduino Mega328p to robots list
12Nov14 added Rise of the Robots Flier to Outings 2008 17,18 May
01Oct14 updated Thor Log, added Gallery Raw 1, Gallery 1, software and commands
01Oct14 added 2014 July 26/27, Mini Maker Faire to Outinggs
31Aug14 updated Thor Log
10Jul14 updated Thor Log
18Jun14 added to webCV - Shadow Biped acquired by Science Museum
18Mar14 added Workshop section
19Jan14 added MEshow and Science Museum to Robot Outings, added Outings links to Biped page.
16Jan14 added to Simplhex page descriptions of other hexapods at Robotics-96.
21Dec13 added page of photos of the restored Shadow Biped.
19Dec13 HGC-Synopsis added Science Museum permanent collection note
19Dec13 Shadow biped added Science Museum permanent collection note
19Dec13 Youtube link for Shadow Leg had changed to private!!! now corrected in CVillustrated.htm, HGC-Synopsis.htm
28Oct13 corrected table in RobotOutings
26Oct13 added Pictorial CV page
23Oct13 Nevik Electronics and Motherboard pages added correction note to diagram.
16Oct13 Shadow biped added archive copy of Shadow's Shadow Biped page
31Aug13 added Merkur biped to Inspirations & Others
16Aug13 added FabLab Ellesmere Port to Outings
16Aug13 added Shadow Biped overview page
13Aug13 added MOSI Mini Maker Faire 2013 to Outings
07Jul13 added TecFootcircuit to TecFoot Manual
07Jul13 added to TecFoot Log TecFootcircuit @26 November 2009, 18m2 circuit @ 11 April 2012, PCB underneath @ 06 Feb 2008
07Jul13 added Loki PCb and TalkAli to LokiLog
01Jul13 added entries for 22Jun2011, 29Oct2012, 30Jun2013 to Loki Log, and Loki Log photos to Site Map
22Jun13 added photo to Outings Bexton
18Jun13 uploaded Before and After photos of Loki's heels to Loki Log (forgotten)
14Jun13 added TecBug
08Jun13 added android world information and video link to Joe's Babe page
10May13 added the 3.5 jack-socket note to TecFoot Log @11 April 2012
10May13 added Knutsford Guardian page to Outings, Knutsford
06May13 added Sewell robotics links page to Links page
01May13 added Bexton Primary School to Robot Outings
26Apr13 added note re polarity connections of US tranducer on Hextor, Hextor Manual Sonar.htm
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24Sep12 added The Sunday Times and Granada Reports to Robot Outings
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27Feb11 corrected speeling mistale on Frea
20Feb11 added not to TecFoot re Science Fairs
17Feb11 added Golfer to Anotated Robots List
14Feb11 added LokiLog
11Feb11 Quester formatting, added table with certificate dates and technical overview.
11Feb11 added ClarissaMay Snowdrop legend to photo on Grounhogs
23Jan11 added Kas date to heading of Ambler page, struck URLs ahake-hans, masahy in Inspirations
21Jan11 added DoubleVision
17Jan11 added IR sensor photo to Tecfoot
16Jan11 added Junior, Tom, Ambler to Inspirations
16Jan11 deleted 'Walking with Robots' as network is still down
14Jan11 slight text change to Outings, moved 'Walking with Robots' from main index to DB
05Jan11 added Modular1 and jpg
05Jan11 Frea page added DXF.jpg and link to Roger's page
23Dec10 added Frea page
21Dec10 added Software page
06Dec10 added Groundhogs page
06Dec10 text change on DB/TecFoot.htm
05Dec10 added IR installation photos and CADjpg to TecFoot Manual
27Nov10 added some links to Outings - 1996 Robot Olympics, Glasgow
25Nov10 added TINYTIM.BS1.txt to TinyTim
23Nov10 added Icarus page
17Nov10 added tecfoot.dxf to TecFoot Manual
02Nov10 added Robot Olympics 1990 to Outings
02Nov10 added UeL 1994 to Outings
02Nov10 ShadBiped + Robot Outings - Robotix96, The Robot Olympics Glasgow 1996 voted 'Best Robot' by attendees
02Nov10 Robot Outings - ShadBiped - Robotix96, voted 'Best Robot' by attendees
27Oct10 updated TecFoot Manual with Speaker-LED photo
16Oct10 Inspirations Stedeman - was available from TotalRobots
15Oct10 added Dan Michael's Toe-Jammer to Inspirations
12Oct10 added BeebControl to Links page
23Sep10 URLs updated on Inspirations/Bipede
28Aug10 build dates put at topright - Teal, Quester, Zeaker, Prowler, First-Step, Shadow-Biped, TimbugII, Imperial-Ladies, TinyTim, Imperial-Drone Nevik
07Jul10 Theseus award added to Quester and Robot-Outings
01Jul10 corrected Teal description to - Tripetal Electric Ambulatory Locomotive
23May10 1991 added to Liberator title block
27Apr10 removed links at bottom of page to FR.MAi,RS,Main; duplicated above.
05Apr10 added to Links page http://www.fragrancex.com/Fragrance-Information/the-steampunk-resource.html
27Mar10 corrected annotation date for First-Step from 1988 to 1987
26Mar10 June 1955 date for Teal Teal.htm, RobotList.htm
10Mar10 added note to prototype Zeaker regarding Hebot-II
06Mar10 Justpictures removed robot pictures and linked to outings
06Mar10 added other pictures Bath & West show to Robot Outings
03Mar10 added ME 1988 scans to Robot Outings
28Feb10 added another large image of ShadowBiped to BipedPhot and Apperances to ShadowBiped
23Feb10 added Robotix97 flier to First-Step
17Feb10 added to Robot Outings olympics96
17Feb10 added fred thumb and link to HM
12Feb10 added to Robot Outings
11Feb10 added photo to TinyTim
09Feb10 updated Annotated Robot List
07Feb10 added Discovery TV to Just Pictures
03Feb10 ImperialDrone.htm corrected \ in link to Photos
03Feb10 Nevik-m144.htm changed format slightly
02Feb10 added TecArm v0
31Jan10 added 'Biped Robot' wording to YouTubeVideos page
27Jan10 added Economic to Muse
26Jan10 Ambler, - Active Dynamic Walkers using Limit Cycle Control.
26Jan10 TecFoot, A Minimalist Approach to Biped Walking Robots, YouTube videos - Active Dynamic Walking using Limit Cycle Control.
25Jan10 copied the RS RoboNova page to RoboNova Miscellaneous notes.
25Jan10 added 1998-Alex 1999-TecArm5 thumbnails to index
24Jan10 added 1998-BigFoot1c300.jpg to BigFoot
23Jan10 added Joe Nagata Balancer C1 to Inspirations page
20Jan10 Tom 'aToddler' -> 'a Toddler'
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04Jan09 Poetry, added two stanzas to Whisky Bar
23Dec09 added Zero2 pages
13Dec09 added Poetry pages
12Dec09 revised layout of Loki page
11Dec09 added History and Hardware to Tom
06Dec09 added Ambler lineage photo
05Dec09 added Junior and Tom, and picture of Strider1
04Dec09 corrected dates for Victoria's appearances
03Dec09 added pictures of Freye and Frea to index, no pages yet
13Nov09 added sidetable/sidetable.htm for temporary stuff
22Sep09 added www.cyberneticzoo.com to links and HistoryMakers page
22Sep09 added Books section to the Links page and added Automatic Lover
20Mar09 added skid turn note to BigFoot.
18Mar09 added History Making robots/Updates page
12Mar09 added GEtruck page to HistoryMakers
12Mar09 added Danny's Tree to Inspirations
29Jan09 updated Nevik2.BS1
17Jan09 updated History Makers/RB5X link to RB Robotics
02Dec08 added Gallery to Ambler
02Dec08 added Ambler link and Toddler/Penguin note to BigFoot
05Nov08 added link on YouTube Videos page to video of TecFoot at BA Festival in Liverpool.
26Oct08 added jpg of Ken Gracey's bipeds to his page
25Aug08 added RoboNova Sero notes
24Aug08 added Zeaker Gallery
17Aug08 added RoboNova Manual
03Jun08 update to CV. Corrected C3-PO to C-3PO on Robot History Page, thank you Ariadne.
11Apr08 corrected some bad links
10Apr08 added second photo of AlanKM6VV's Loki
21Mar08 changed link structure on Inspired page, added AlanKM6VV's Loki
12Mar08 added HextorCD.zip
11Mar08 added Dennet's url to Help wanted
03Mar08 added Eric Mk2 to History Makers
01Mar08 added TecFoot to Inspirations
26Feb08 modified Nevik2.BS1
24Feb08 added YouTube videos page, "Walking With Robots" @Bristol videos of TecFoot and Pop
14Feb08 added Fred to HistoryMakers
24Jan08 added BigFoot to HistoryMakers
23Jan08 added NotPony to HistoryMakers/helpwanted
23Jan08 added IronMule to HistoryMakers
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22Jan08 added Lunarwalker to HistoryMakers
21Jan08 added New York Times article to 1893 Moore Steam Man
19Jan08 added Mr Robotham JPGs to History Makers
15Jan08 added Icarus JPGs to History Makers
04Jan08 corrected spelling of Locki in A Minimalist Approach to Biped Walking Robots
29Nov07 added photos of Cyclops to History Makers
28Nov07 added link from John Biilingsley in Art Robots to Micromouse.
21Nov07 Credited Steven John with name of MM3. Added Cyclops to History Makers
13Nov07 corrected spelling of Phony Pony (was Phoney Pony). Yes Phony, that is how it was spelt.
13Nov07 changed jpg names to phony and added phonypony1-600.jpg
09Nov07 added Ken Gracey's bipeds to Inspirations, & Bandele's BigBrother
03Nov07 corrected date for RB5X from 1984 to 1982 in History Makers and added Megadroid link
29Oct07 changed Antikythera mechanism link to http://www.antikythera-mechanism.com/
29Oct07 added Telegraph article to TinyTim, and Mikkels Biped to Inspired/Others
23Oct07 added 1980 Unicorn to HistoryMakers, and corrected dates for Star Wars Episodes V, VI, were 1977!
21Oct07 added 1948 Erector robot to BecauseWeCan
20Oct07 moved BigFoot to DB
18Oct07 added TecRover
16Oct07 added paragraph and photos of AR-Life Master seminar to aboutme.htm
03Oct07 added phoneyponey and OSU hexapod to History Makers
30Sep07 added my bookmarks
30Sep07 accents messed up text in HistoryMakers and Ladybird - changed to á etc
24Sep07 moved Hextor and TecFoot to DB
18Sep07 corrected links on NotablePages.htm, added black Zeaker link to Annotated Robot list
14Sep07 Medicus item removed from HistoryMakers to Electro page
10Sep07 added Teal link to RobotList.htm
01Sep07 sorted index photos into date order from alphabetical, added alt text
28Aug07 added note to Ladybird re searching for light
27Aug07 corrected the start date on the Simplhex page from 1994 to 1993
27Aug07 added Life photo to Squee
26Aug07 added tin footnote to Moore Steam Man
25Aug07 added Meisner 1915 reference to Electric Dog in History Makers
24Aug07 added Victorian Steam Men entries to Time Line in History Makers
24Aug07 Pseudo, Art, Entertainment and Fictional robots altered text re Victorian Steam Men
23Aug07 added Tiktok gif to History Makers
22Aug07 added MP3 link and text to Edison Doll
21Aug07 added Newark (N.J.) Advertiser article to Dederick's Steam Man in History Makers
21Aug07 added Moores 1893 Steam Man to History Makers
21Aug07 HistoryMakers,SqueeToday.htm - text added
20Aug07 slight text changes to History Makers - Garco
20Aug07 slight text changes to History Makers - 'Pseudo, Art, Entertainment and Fictional robots'
19Aug07 pseudo added to description of Alpha in History Makers
05Aug07 added Auger's arm to History Makers and made slight textual changes to Fred and Icarus
02Aug07 added George, Horace, Robotham, MERV to History Makers
02Aug07 added Edison's Talking Doll and Timothy Turtle to History Makers
01Aug07 added Dederick's 1868 Steam Man to History Makers
31Jul07 added Nemes description to Sezged Ladybird, revise entry for Reade's Electric Man
29Jul07 added - photo of Squee today, Timeline and PageMap menu links to HistoryMakers
27Jul07 Sezged Ladybird text added to links
27Jul07 added Brainerd, FrankReade, Boilerplate to Pseudo + 'Art'robots.
25Jul07 added 1957 Sezged Ladybird to History Makers
23Jul07 Richard A. Wallace, The maze solving computer added to links and pdf link added to HistoryMakers
23Jul07 HistoryMakers Robots,Robots,Robots; book entry corrected
19Jul07 revised date of Anatole (Pseudo + 'Art'robots) from 1955 to 1954
17Jul07 added close ups of the different heads of Alpha under History Makers
15Jul07 added Because We Can for miscellaneous robots under History Makers
15Jul07 added Help Wanted page, Pseudo, 'Art robots' and Fiction page to History Makers
15Jul07 added text to Creep
15Jul07 added second Radio Electronics article to Squee
15Jul07 added photos to Alpha, Cygan, Garco
12Jul07 added Garco Popular Science article Dec 1953
12Jul07 revised date of Garco to1953 from 1954
11Jul07 revised heading to History Makers
10Jul07 added Practical Mechanics article to Alpha
07Jul07 added Radio Electronics article to Squee
07Jul07 added to HistoryMakers/Squee Popular Science article on Squee.
07Jul07 HistoryMakers.htm, Squee thumbnail changed; Squee redated from 1956 to 1951
06Jul07 HistoryMakers.htm, Shakey photo changed
06Jul07 HistoryMakers.htm, Cygan->Gygan; Gygan page added
06Jul07 HistoryMakers.htm, Alpha1932.htm updated, Alpha/Roboter
05Jul07 added photo of internals of ElectricDog
06Jun07 'Notable Pages' added
06Jun07 "Tri Pedal Ambulatory Locomotive" added to Teal page
26May07 added Toppler, Waddler, Ezekiel, Brian's to Inspirations
26May07 added Odex-1 to History Makers
19May07 created Teal page, added robotcafe.com/gallery/images/287.jpg to inspirations
19May07 added Prowler2o.jpg, Prowler3o.jpg to Prowler
19May07 added ZeakerWhite6o.jpg (controlStation internals) to Zeaker
14May07 corrected bad link to ShadowBiped big picture
26Apr07 removed Japanes chars from Links page, really upset Firefox
26Apr07 corrected bad link to pdf in HistoryMakers-Herbert
26Apr07 corrected bad link to Cycler in aboutme
22Apr07 BIPEDE photos optimised and resized, hot linked, page reformated
21Apr07 Flatfoot by Math Vos added to Inspirations
16Apr07 Zero2 Manual link added to index page
16Apr07 sak3, RobotMarcheur, BF1, BF2 added to Inspirations
02Apr07 added Liberator explained page
11Mar07 date corrected for TecFoot in Robotlist
10Mar07 Nevick link added to annotated robot list
09Mar07 modified Simplhex to omit two 5A dropper diodes.
03Mar07 Added Garco to History Makers
27Feb07 Added Mathematicians Chronology and Greek Myths Link to links page
27Feb07 Added SRL to History Makers
27Feb07 Added Simple Fighter and blue BigFoot to Inspirations
25Feb07 Added BIPEDE to Inspirations
25Feb07 Added Creep Mk2 to History Makers
21Feb07 History Makers Electro redated to 1937 from 1939
18Feb07 added P2 to HistoryMakers
18Feb07 thumbnail photos added to HistoryMakers
18Feb07 numbered robot list - * added to Shadleg, Sedish eyes, Celt
11Feb07 contact page changed to jpg
08Feb07 Added Assimov's laws page to History Makers
30Jan07 Added to Links - Institute and Museum of Science, Floerence
21Jan07 Links page added to, Moravec, Biblography, Reference links section tidied
21Jan07 added to History Makers - Alpha humanoid page; photos, Data/spinner, GEtruck, Eric, etc
16Jan07 Links page added to with reference links, Antikythera, Cordeschi, Tolman, Chesson; and worldofspectrum
15Jan07 Nevik Construction the guide to view the instruction and photos rewritten, didn't work with Firfox's tabs.
13Jan07 Vincent added to Inspirations
06-01-07 added Genghis, Herbert to History Makers, removed Prowler and Zeaker references to where they belonged!
04-01-07 1912 Electric Dog page extended and dog operation corrected
21-12-06 History Makers page revised and extended with 'time line events'
12-12-06 Hebot II added in Mobile Robots
04-11-06 some dates added to Inspirations page
04-11-06 text on Loki page re servo replacement corrected
23-10-06 figures added to TinyTim Namur paper, TinyTim early programs added, TinyTim motor specs added
23-10-06 TinyTim moved to folder DB/TinyTim/
21-10-06 History Makers 1956 Squee, an electric squirell added
19-10-06 History Makers 1912 Electric Dog added
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11-10-06 Main index added to address bar
9-10-06 added a note about Yamaguchi-san to linjs page
4-10-06 added Nevik photos, gallery, electronics, construction, software
28-9-06 added Zeaker PCBs and Sinclair User cover, and Zeaker Publicity page
27-9-06 Nevik folder made
23-9-06 added MM3's first drawing
23-9-06 added photos and circuits to MM3 page
23-9-06 added Zeaker Manual, zip and Manual thumbs to Zeaker
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12-9-06 Imperial-Drone Nevik added
31-8-06 At long last a photo of Zero2 added to Thumbs
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1-7-06 Emma added to list of History Makers, only brief entry
5-6-06 Flight Simulator working concept model added to RobotList
5-6-06 Basic program listing and PIC16C84 Hex dump added to Simplhex.
14-5-06 background changed parch.jpg, I find the colour better on lcd monitors.
14-5-06 Shadow robot leg and Sweden Gaze eyes hesd added to my robots list.
20-4-06 Electro & Sparky added to HistoryMakers, Philidog added to in HistoryMakers.
15-3-06 Victoria Big Breakfast scans and pages added.
13-2-06 Quester page reformatted, no information change.
9-2-06 Three photos of Zeaker - 3,4,5, added to Zeaker
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2-12-05 UK Robotics Grand Challenge proposal page added
1-12-05 '1984' open day at UEL on Simplhex page corrected to '1994'
30-11-05 endtas Animatronic head added to Inspirations page
29-11-05 added to text on links page for Toru Yamaguchi.
29-11-05 school BigFoot inspired by Endtas BigFoot added to Inspirations page
29-11-05 added GIT photo of me to various-photos
29-11-05 slight changes to the html on TinyTim page, a new window opened for the html program page!
29-11-05 slight changes to the html menu on TinyTim Minimalistic Aproach page.
25-11-05 added some of my interests and GIT photo to about_me
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29-9-05 Added text to Tiny-Tim page, and added program pages
29-9-05 Corrected May 84 to May 94 on Tiny-Tim page (can't believe I missed that)
20-9-05 SteadyMan added to inspired, DB/copies renamed /inspired, slight text change to Robotnumlist
31-8-05 Loki page, can walk sideways, hip servos actually Hitec
4-8-05 BARG link added to CV
3-7-05 slight change to text on the 'about me' page
8-1-05 RobotOlympics90 - BMVA announcement added
8-1-05 CV spelling and dates corrected
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26-8-04 aboutme updated
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20-8-04 Zeaker Review added
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7-12-03 Quester page updated with Micromouse certificates and picture(& thumb) changed
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14-10-03 link to robotsystems.net added to index page
14-9-03 mech-ai.com added, Inspirations page amended, and Yumesikou added to links
8-6-03 Inspiration page
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1-5-03 references added to Shadow Biped page
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16-4-03 Link and banner colours altered. Are they more readable now?
13-6-03 just html updated in all pages because IE5 gets hot spots out of sync with text if nbsp is in Westminster font
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8-4-03 to avoid confusion sub directory /davidbuckley.net is now /DB
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3-4-03 robotix96 plaque added to Simplhex page
1-4-03 Victoria now in ImperialLadies.htm, index and robotlist updated
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31-3-03 index pages updated with new email addresses and site history added
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