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Test video shot by a friend, of a Loki meets Thor scenario.

Loki - left, blue and silver - meets and is surprised by Thor - right, burgundy and silver.
After cautiously approaching Thor, Loki then shows off, winks - watch the blue eyes, then retreats.
Thor burbles OK and they turn and walk off towards the camera together.

The voice on Loki is from a Greetings Card.

The Scene is initiated from an IR-hand-controller which starts Act01 in both robots
The Acts continue in the next Act until a "." is encountered.
See Loki_8-commands.bas and Thor_8-commands.bas for the command lists.
Commands for Loki
Act 01 - w4b0s4FFFe3s9BBB
Act 02 - e0s1bl1FFFT0s8bl
Act 03 - 6aSFFFT2bl5FBFB
Act 04 - trtrs6ararbl8>><
Act 05 - <eeeeerb0BBBBBw4
Act 06 - bt4trtrtrtrFFFFF
Act 07 - .
Commands for Thor
Act 01 - w4w1s9atFFw9w9w9
Act 02 - w9s4w1asw6voveac
Act 03 - bt4tltltltlFFF.