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Zeaker2 Log & Upgrades

Finished enhancements to QL Zero2 program. It now sends serial ASCII cmnds to an Arduino which controls Zeaker2 over the byte bus.
Finished Zeaker2.ino which gets serial cmnds from a terminal and controls Zeaker2 over the byte bus.
The interface can receive commands over USB or via an FTDI USB-Serial adapter (which required extending the circuit board).
(+) (+) (+)
Added 33k pull downs on the bus data lines, otherwise everything came on at power-on, including all the motor coils.

Changed LEDs to Red=left and Green=right.

October 2016
Added daughter-board expansion headers by umbilical header and at bottom right.

Added brass threaded inserts in chassis for mounting shell, front and back.

Added pen cam stop - black disc, so software can automatically set pen to up.

26 Nov 2015
Made inteface module - 2x5IDC and 9v to 16way umbilical.

Made 6ft umbilical.
Added bus LEDs below 2x8 umbilical connector.
Rewired 9v to Steppers - removed pink wire and added bell wire.
Changed Umbilical 16pin DIL skt to 2x8 IDC, now the umbilical can be removed without removing the shell.

September 2015
Follwing the Quanta workshp in September 2015 I made my three Zero2s work. Reverse engineered Zeaker2 circuit and made Zeaker2 work - had to change a ULN2003 which was soldered in. Tested it from my Stamp2 board. Umbilical is (was) Sinclair Projects 16pin DIL pinout.
Zeaker2 development