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24Feb07 Initial Thoughts
Further Thoughts
Initial Thoughts

'home' should be 'gohome' if learning 'gohome' should record the place where 'gohome' was issued so can return
ie atX X, atY Y, atHead H
where X,Y,H = -99999 to +99999
then BPlay can go back instead of 'toohard'

spk - speak
snd - sound
'igoal n' set current location to be goal n [0<n<16]
'iplace n' set current location to be place n [0<n<16]
or 'Atplace' <placename>,
if <placename>="" then ask for name
if <placename>="auto" then use next numbered place name 1 to 999
'goplace n' 'goplace <placename>
unknown level - color, like quadtree
uncertainty level - color, like quadtree
each quadtree block is a separate overlay
each type of hazard - obstacle, heat, rough floor etc is a separate overlay
quarter each block then quarter each block etc as new map information is obtained
'sense n' return byte from sensor n [0<n<16]

Further Thoughts