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David L Buckley
A little about me

I was trained in mechanical and electrical engineering at Associated Electrical Industries and Salford Electrical Instruments before studying mathematics at Manchester University. Following a temporary job in the Civil Service I moved on to programming, took a Post Graduate Diploma in Computing at the (then) Polytechnic of North London (PNL). The first computer club in the country started at the PNL which I joined and we started a Micromouse group. In the early eighties I designed two robots, Zeaker and Zero2, which were sold into education and to hobbyists; I was Consultant Editor for 'Your Spectrum' and 'Practical Robotics' both popular news-stand magazines and wrote numerous articles on robotics including sessions for 'The Open Tech' Foundation Courses. In the late eighties I designed and built the experimental 'Shadow Biped Walker' and since then have been designing and building custom electro-mechanical special effects for theatres and museums. Some of the more notable projects being:-

I also designed a range of education robot kits which were sold around the world.

In 2014 I decide to retire - but if an interesting project comes along, who knows.

For more details see:-

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    Some of my interests are: