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David L Buckley MBCS, MCybS

I create - Animatronic figures for Museums and Heritage Centres, Research Robots, Educational Robots, and Presentation Robots.

Curriculum vitae by the following topics


As well as Great Britain examples of my work may be seen in Austria, Canada, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Singapore and the USA.

Design and building of (main items only):- to date

summary date order Previous employment



Society memberships

Consultant Editorships

Papers, Reports and Articles

(expanded in
Appendix A)
MM = Maplin Magazine, PE = Practical Electronics, PR = Practical Robotics
RA = Robotics Age (American), SP = Sinclair Projects, YR = Your Robot

Computer Languages and Applications used

Algol, APL, BASIC, C, CoBoL, Forth, Fortran, html, Logo, Pascal, Prolog, Python,
Assembly languages for various processors.
Various packages for programming microcontrollers.
AutoCad, TurboCad, & other CAD packages,
various Paint and Photo editing programs, various Movie editing programs and various Sound editors.


Appendix A

Papers written Reports written Papers presented
Educational Courses written Course modules for:-
'ORT Open Tech Robotics Literacy Course' as part of the training scheme funded by the Open Tech Unit of the Manpower Services Commission under its 'Open Tech Programme' for adult literacy.
Articles published
Maplin Magazine, Practical Electronics, Practical Robotics, Robotics Age (American), Sinclair Projects, and Your Robot were all popular news-stand magazines.
(The titles of articles are as published and were invariably composed by the Production Editor.)