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Animatronic Squaddie and Provost Sergeant for ATS/REME
REME Museum of Technology, Arborfield garrison, Wokingham
March 2004
In partnership with Gems Display Figures, now Gems Studio.
The Squaddie on reprimand had to come to attention.

Here the animatronic figure is seen operating in the studio next to a figure of George W. Bush.

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Download the video as SquaddyAttention.wmv [167Kb]

The mechanism was worked by three electric motors, one for each shoulder and one for the neck.
Using three motors gave slightly different speeds to each of the actions resulting in a very lifelike movement.
Notice how even the appearance of the fibreglass face changes from sullen to eager and bright as it catches the light once the Squaddie is at attention.

The Provost Sergeant had a fibreglass head fitted with the standard two motor Head Mechanism and Controller which is capable of recording and replaying up to 4 minutes of moves. In addition the Controller will generate A-life moves, non recorded, small life like moves to give the impression the figure is alive, for use between shows.

The hand was moved in an imitation of writing by a motor in the forearm and had its own microcontroller as an addition to the Head Controller.
Watch the Flash video (left)
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or download the video as SgtArmWriting.wmv [647Kb]