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Alex by David L Buckley - September 1998
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Assembling the Head, Jaw and Neck

To assemble the parts you will need the Neck-pivot wire (part-17), the Mouth-push-rod (part-19), Neck-push-rod (part-20)and five lengths of sleeving.



The Mouth-push-rod has a long end 60mm and a short end 50mm. Insert the push-rod into the jaw so the short end (50) is by the jaw.


Now assemble the Head, Neck and Jaw, insert the Neck-pivot wire and keep it in place by pushing on a piece of sleeving over each end of the wire.


Place the small servo-disc on the end of the Mouth-push-rod and fasten in place with a length of sleeving. Plug the lead from the Mouth servo onto connector-1, note that the black wire should be towards the outside of the control board, and as you did for the Base servo, but using channel-1, adjust the Mouth servo to the mid position. Then place the disc in position on the servo as in photo-52.
Move the control and watch the mouth open and close, it will reach its end points before the servo has travelled its full amount and you will see the Mouth-push-rod flexing, it is bent in the middle so it can do this, if it was straight it would place excessive strain on the servo.
Fasten on the disk with its screw.







One end of the Neck-push-rod is bent at 75deg. this end should be pushed through the hole in the neck and secured by a length of sleeving. put the other end through a hole in a large servo disk (photo-58) and secure with a length of sleeving.
Plug the Neck-servo-lead onto the connector for channel-3, centre the servo as before and place the disc in position as in photo-59.
Fasten on the disk with its screw.





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