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Alex by David L Buckley - September 1998
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Assembly instructions

Assembly of Alex is very straightforward needing only a small posidrive screwdriver to alter the drive disc on the servos and tighten the case screws, and a pair of snipe nosed pliers to bend the wire for the links. The plywood parts can be glued together using white woodworking adhesive (pva adhesive), hot melt glue, epoxy resin or cyanoacrylate adhesive (superglue) etc. but I recommend you use hot melt glue.
Study the following photographs and sort out the parts needed for each operation. Laying out the parts as in the photographs will help you.
Although it is not necessary for Alex to function I suggest you lightly sand paper all the plywood parts, especially the edges, using fine sandpaper (e.g. 120 grit), it just makes the parts nicer to handle.

Assembly tips

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