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Alex by David L Buckley - September 1998
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Base-Servo adjust

The next step is to put a large disc on the Base-servo, the servo must be set to its centre position and the disc placed on in the correct position otherwise Alex will point in the wrong direction. Remove the centre screw holding the small disc in place and replace the small disc with a large one but don't fasten it on yet.
Connect Alex's power-supply to the Mains and to Alex's circuit board. The green LED by the connector should light. (If it doesn't check the mains electricity is on.)
Using the 'Next' key cycle through the channels until the LED for channel-4 is lit, channel-4 is the Base-servo. The connector inside the box, onto which you plugged the servo lead, is duplicated at the rear as Servo-4, the connector next to the green LED, this external connector will not be used.
Turn the 'Position' control until it is in the middle of its travel, the flat on the spindle should be at the top by the LED for channel-4.
Lift off and replace the large disc in the position shown in photo-41.
Remove the power-plug and fasten the disc in place with the screw.

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