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Alex by David L Buckley - September 1998
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Mounting the Eyes

To put the eyes on the head you will need the Eye-link wire (part-16), the Eyes-push-rod (part-18), and six lengths of sleeving.


Push an eyeball assembly onto an eye-pivot, don't force it on, remember the LED wires, just wiggle it about and the pivot-wire should just slide past the wires. Put one end of the Eye-link through the hole nearest the eye and fasten it on with a length of sleeving.




Now do the same for the other side.



Fasten one end of the Eye-push-rod into a large servo-disc.


Plug the lead for the Eye-servo onto the connector for channel-2, centre the servo as before and place the disc in position. Put the free end of the push-rod into the hole in the right-hand eye-plate and fasten with a length of sleeving.



Push the eyes all the way up the pivot wires and fasten in place with sleeving.



Move the Position-control and check that the eyes move from side to side properly and are centred when the control is centred.
Fasten on the disk with its screw.
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