Project Assessment - a QUANTA inspired Survey 2004

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There is lots of talk and chat every now and again about projects that could be used to spend Quanta's assets.
Many folk continually whine (and I use that term deliberately) on the mailing lists about why Quanta does not do something with its assets. One of the problems is if a project does not approach Quanta, then can anyone expect Quanta to write a cheque.

Another problem with a declining membership is trying to ascertain just what demand there is for particular projects. If the majority of Quanta members are using the original hardware and want a new accelerator board, then this would be a sensible project for the benefit of members. If only a handful are still using the original hardware and they do not want to purchase anything, it maybe a little foolish to finance just such a project.

It may turn out that the majority of members are actually running emulators and would prefer us to support software projects. Although we can ask everyone who attends QL workshops, this is in fact a small percentage of the community. I am inviting each of you to fill in the small questionnaire below.

Would you like the chance to win one of three cash prizes? Then respond to this membership survey promptly and your name will be entered into the Draw. You could win 5 or 10 or even 15

With such a small number of members, please feel free to add any comments you think necessary, as we will read every one.

Some of us expect Quanta to be around for a long time. If that is to be the case, then the question is how should Quanta best support its members?
ALL responses will be entered into a Draw for one of three cash prizes - You have the chance to win 5 or 10 or 15
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John Southern, QUANTA Secretary

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1. About you:




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< Telephone number (optional)
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Do you subscribe to the ql-users mailing list? Yes No
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2) About your QL:

What is your main system (original QL includes non-processor expansions)?
What do you use your QL/Q40/Thor/emulator system to do?
Hobby Games
Personal correspondence Writing Business use Programming
Data collection System control Faxing
(if other checked add details in following box)

Do you use an emulator? yes no
   If yes: UQLX QXL QPC Qlay Qemulator Atari other

3) About your peripherals

Have you QLs expanded (more than 128K RAM, and/or floppy disk interface)? yes no
   If yes: SuperGoldCard GoldCard Trumpcard Medic superQboard
   expanderam Cumana Technology Research Qdisk
   Qjump Sandy Datel other
Do you have a QL in a PC or other case? Yes No
  If yes, what backplane? Mplane Qplane other
Do you have a QL derivative? Yes No
   If yes, what machine? Thor Q40 Q60 CST other
Do you have an Aurora card? Yes No
Do you have a Minerva I2C expansion? Yes No
   If yes, type(s); Analogue Parallel Power Relays Temp sensor
Do you have a RomDisq card? Yes No
   If yes, size(s): 2mb 4mb 8mb
Do you have an QEPIII eprom programmer? Yes No
Do you have a Qcontrol I/O board? Yes No
Do you have a Hermes chip? Yes No
Do you have a superHermes? Yes No
Do you use an additional keyboard (Di-Ren, Falkenberg, etc)? Yes No
   If yes, type(s); Di-ren Falkenburg superHermes Schoen Keyboard Products
   other. If checked, add details to the following:
Do you use a mouse (mice) on your QL? Yes No
   If yes: qimi sermouse ICE superHermes hardware mouse other
Do you have a QL connected printer? Yes No
   If yes, fill in details:
Do you have floppy disk drive(s) on your QL? Yes No
Do you use a hard disk on your QL? Yes No
   If yes:
   qubide Miracle Rebel CST Falkenburg
   If other checked add details below:

4) Quanta section

Have you visited the Quanta website at Yes No
Are you/have you ever been a Quanta member? Yes No
If you have never been a Quanta member, then skip to section 5.

When did you join Quanta?

Are you still a Quanta member? Yes No
   If not, when did you leave?

   Why did you leave?
If you are not a member, then go to the next section

Do you own a copy of all the Quanta library programs? Yes No
Have you ever contacted the helpline? Yes No
Are there any topics you would like covered in the newsletter?

Would you be willing to write articles for the magazine? Yes No
Do you attend QL workshops? Yes No
   If so, what were the best one(s) (place/date)?
   If not, why not?
Are you happy with the Quanta newsletter? Yes No
How do you think it could be improved?

What would you like Quanta to do to help you in particular?

Is there a particular question you would like answered in Quanta?

5) Your Software

What operating system(s) do you use?
QDOS       Version(s):
Minerva    Version(s):
SMSQ/E    Version(s):
other            Name(s):

Do you use the office suites Psion4/Exchange? Yes No
Do you use Arcplus - the PC archive derivative? Yes No
Do you use a word processor? Yes No
   If yes: Quill Perfection Text87 The Editor Paragraph other

Do you use a spreadsheet program? Yes No
   If yes: Abacus Qspread other
Do you play QL games? Yes No
What other programs do you use?

6) Other

What new software would you like to see for the QL/emulators?

What new hardware would you like to see for the QL?

Do you have an interest in doing software development? Yes No
   If so, what area(s)?
Do you have an interest in doing hardware development? Yes No
   If so, what area(s)?

General comments: